Here it is as promised more excerpts of Project Angel.


Hope you like it.

Read, enjoy and above all be scared.




                None of them saw the three men approaching.

                A shout rang out.

                Two shadows sprang from the darkness.

                In one fell swoop they pounced on Sheree and held her tightly in a vice like grip. Charlie still down became aware of a foot on his chest, heavy and cumbersome.

                “You…don’t move!” a male voice boomed.

                Charlie obeyed; he glanced up, a black clothed figure stood ominously over him brandishing a pistol. He became aware of shouts again, shouts from Sheree as two shadowy figures dragged her away into the darkness.

                Then it was his turn.

                A hand reached down, grabbed his collar and heaved him to his feet with enormous force and dexterity. He met with deep blue determined eyes that stared intensely back at him from behind a black balaclava.

                “You’re coming with us.” The figure hollered.

                He felt the grip on his collar tighten.

                The figure side-stepped to Charlie’s side, seized his right arm and locked it behind him. Up ahead he was distinctly aware of three silhouettes through the mist, then caught the sound of van doors opening. Seconds later he was tossed unceremoniously into the back of a black van. Landing awkwardly, his head pounding, his arm wracked with bruises he felt something brush against his hair. In the darkness he'd fallen behind Sheree who was sitting upright, hands tied behind her gently pawing at his hair.

                “I’m sorry Charlie.” She whispered.


* * * * * *



                Charlie woke up screaming.

                He was alone.

                In complete and utter darkness.

                He could not see a thing but sensed he was sitting upright in some kind of chair, his arms splayed out in front of him and tethered, his back upright, his feet touching…his feet.

                Suddenly aware of his feet they were cold. Cold and wet. A chill rang through him confirming his worst fears.

                He was completely naked.


* * * * * *

                I watched them leave then beckoned Maisie over. I was more worried about Charlie now than ever before but I badly needed food before I looked for answers. As Maisie approached I turned to observe both Eleanor and Evans outside the window exchanging small talk as they stood by their respective vehicles.

                They seemed to nod in agreement one last time before climbing into their cars.

                I glanced back round to Maisie.

                She never made it to my table.

                The flying shards of glass that followed the explosion outside made damn sure she didn’t.



* * * * * *



So my dear horror followers; Have you any chills yet.


Oh and by the way remember there's no such thing as ghosts..

or is that what they want us to believe?


Thanks again everyone. Happy scary thoughts to you all.






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