Radio Interview

I have recently been interviewed on BBC Radio - my home City station, and also on a National USA talk radio show 'BlogTalk Radio USA.' 
I actually feel honoured for both of them to ask me to be on the air. 
The presenter of BlogTalk radio actually contacted me and asked me to appear on her show as she loved my work...So thank you Monica from the bottom of my heart, it really means a lot to me for people to love and enjoy my writing. 
A big thank you also to Jonathan Lampon from my local BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) radio station for having me on also.
You can listen to the full interview(s) by following the link(s) below. 
For my home city radio station interview click below
This is only available for one month from time of broadcast.
For the Blogtalk Radio interview download the following file.
Also my local newspaper also got in touch.
Please feel free to read this link:
Thanks again everyone for following me, I really appreciate it.